Any reader with sleep issues will find The Fight For SleEP just the ticket for achieving the goal of a good night’s sleep.

— Midwest Book Review

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The Fight For Sleep is organized to help you sort through the many possible sources of your insomnia and find one or more that apply to you. I call it a “Treatment Map®” because it serves the same function as a road map—to get you where you want to go, using a graphic representation of the territory.

The book begins where you are, with symptoms and a history. It moves forward by posing questions about your insomnia. Your answers to those questions will define a path that leads to suggestions for treatment.

Each chapter-map is initiated by a flow chart that organizes its component sections of text. Flow charts are good tools for showing process, for keeping the steps in order, and for emphasizing the decisions you must make in order to resolve your problem.

But flow charts are limited in their ability to show content and detail. That must be done with text. Each point on the flow charts in this book is numbered and linked to a corresponding section of text that explains it in greater detail. You follow the flow chart, and when you need more information, you read the associated section of text. In that way, you individualize the text to suit your own needs. You actually only read a part of the book – the part that matters to you.

This form of organization emphasizes the choices you need to make in order to get better sleep. It fits the book to you, and not you to the book. You use a method or technique that you have chosen because it suits your needs and issues, and you eliminate a lot of techniques that are interesting but irrelevant.

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